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Success Stories



successMichael has worked construction his whole life and has extensive experience in project management. Due to the decrease in construction work available in recent years, it has been much more difficult for workers even with great experience and skills like Mike to get back into the industry. Mike's positive demeanor and friendly personality made him a great example to others in the job class and demonstrated how a disciplined approach to job search can yield rewarding outcomes in a short period of time.  Mike recently got hired on to a construction crew by finding the listing, driving to the employers address, and introducing himself with his resume to discuss his qualifications for the position. Mike demonstrated how in the construction business, networking is critical to maintain good connections with employers and to learn about upcoming projects."     



"Adam is 36 and for the past year has been facing several difficult barriers to employment including a criminal background charge and challenging living situations while trying to support his family. One major strength of Adam's is that he is persistent in contacting previous employers and maintaining good relationships with them. This attribute is what allowed him to get his housekeeping position back at a hotel where he had worked before, and he started there in January this year. In the past Adam has performed various housekeeping and general construction jobs where he gained skills that built the foundation for success at his current job. Adam has stated that his future goal is to go back to school and begin a career in welding."



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What methods do you rely on to distribute your resume or vitae to potential employers?
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